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Making Cardio a top priority?


Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?



Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?

Click here.
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Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?



Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?



Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?



Want to kick basic exercises up a level?

New to pilates or need a refresher?

Our signature multi-level group reformer class will include exercises to strengthen, lengthen, and tone all over. Offered 7 days/week!


Want to focus on form & move at a slower pace?



A class that will take you through the foundational elements of a reformer workout including: learning neutral spine, review of exercises and choreography, proper spring changes, and equipment management. All levels welcome!


This group class will combine the best of the foam roller and the reformer together. Begin with a myofascial release and transition throughout the class from the mat to the reformer, moving with intention and focus. Join us for this restorative workout; you will leave feeling sweaty and restored!

Sweat & Restore

This group class will combine the BEST of the MAT and the REFORMER for the ultimate BURN. Standing lunges, lateral movement and red band work combined with reformer ab and arm work, ending with leg straps. 



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I have been a participant of studio47 for two years and my body is stronger, leaner, more flexible and my posture has improved.

I attend 5-6 classes per week and enjoy the company of the other class members and the instructors, alike. There is not one instructor there who lacks regard for participant safety and care. All techniques are modified for the individual's needs. Their anatomical knowledge of the body and of the Pilates method is “Barre” none (sorry, that was a cheesy pun!).

Mora and Elizabeth have built a beautiful community where we thrive and nurture our bodies, minds and souls through the expertise and creativity of the instructors. An extremely friendly and welcoming environment that you will be sure to fall in love with. It is now my way of life.


While the atmosphere is not at all competitive, the general attitude of the teachers and members inspires you to push yourself to grow physically and mentally.

I have been attending classes at studio47 Pilates for over 10 years. It is an amazing place to learn and practice pilates. As a physician I feel very safe with the knowledge of the staff and feel that the classes are small enough to get individual attention which helps prevent injuries from bad form.

My balance, posture and strength have improved dramatically through these classes. I have been to a number of different studios and this is without question the most professional and fun place to practice Pilates. Highly recommended!!!

Denise G.

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Mommy & Me Reformer

This 45-minute group reformer class is great for both pre & post natal clients. The class will tone, strengthen and stretch the entire body, focusing on specific abdominal exercises designed for pre and post baby! Fun for baby and a great opportunity to meet other moms. Babies must be pre-crawlers.

Pilates for GOLFERS

This Reformer Class is a 4-week, 45-minute reformer class designed specifically for golfers. Build core strength, increase torso rotation and build overall flexibility to improve your swing and follow-through. No experience needed. Beginners welcome! 

TEEN Team Reformer

This 45-minute group class will teach you about the Pilates Reformer and take you through a beginner reformer workout, focusing on proper form and technique. A great balance for young athletes. This is a 4-session program (no drop-ins allowed).

Men-Only Group Reformer

Join us for a 45-min reformer class designed specifically for men. We will focus on lengthening the hamstrings, strengthening the glutes and stretching the chest and shoulder areas. This is a 4-week class designed to build week to week. All levels welcome.

4-week session

4-week session

4-week session

4-week session

specialty classes

Emma Butterbrodt

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Alli Diehl 

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Meredith McDonald

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Mora Babineau


Amanda Spearin

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For the first time in my life, I actually WANTED to work out.

 After having a baby, I had very low motivation (and no time!) but knew that I really wanted to strengthen my abs and pelvic floor. I dragged myself in one day and wow…the instructors were incredible. I love the studio, the sense of community, and the fact that the instructors truly pay attention to each client's individual needs. I have started to bring my sister-in-law and it has become an awesome part of both of our lives.

Shahista W.

I've been taking classes at studio47 Pilates for over a decade and no other studio compares!

The friendly community, the knowledge of the instructors, and the challenge of the classes are what make studio47 great. Instructors take the time to make sure each student is doing the moves correctly for maximum benefit and safety. It's so worth the 20 minute drive from Providence. I'm stronger when I work out at studio47!

Kate B.

studio47 is spotless, in a beautiful location on the river, and most importantly, the owners and instructors are amazing.

I feel so fortunate to have found this Pilates studio. The instructors are so knowledgeable, kind, and invested in taking good care of their students. They really pay attention to an individual's needs and goals, encourage us, cue us for safety and to optimize our workout, and suggest helpful modifications.No two classes are the same - and there’s a really welcoming atmosphere. I just love it! 


studio47 Pilates is the best way to care for your entire body in all of New England.

After moving to Rhode Island from NYC in 2020, I was struggling to find studios that had challenging classes with teachers who really understood how to activate every muscle group and keep the workouts interesting. What I love about studio47 is that every workout is different, but they are always fun and I always feel great after class. I must thank their founder Mora for keeping me beach body ready for the past 2 years!!

Ali L.

How do I sign up for my first class?

Welcome! We can’t wait to meet you. Sign up for your first class here, view our schedule and register through our secure, online system. If you’re brand new to Pilates, we kindly request that you book a Foundation Reformer class so that we can guide you through basic Pilates moves and equipment management. To save time at the studio, print out and fill out the waiver here

How much do group classes cost?

Check out all of our group class packages here

Do you offer virtual classes?

Yes! In addition to in-studio classes, we also offer private, semi private and group reformer classes (max 6 clients). Virtual classes are offered regularly throughout the week. See our schedule for our most up-to-date offerings.

How do I sign up for private sessions?

Private sessions are an effective, personalized way to both build a strong Pilates foundation and further progress your workout (that’s right – there’s no such thing as “plateuing” in Pilates). To book a private session, click here.

How do I get to the studio and where can I park?

We are located at 681 Falmouth Road in Mashpee MA. We are in Deer Crossing, above Harper Dance Center. Turn on to Charles Way. Go up past ACE Hardware and turn left into the Deer Crossing UPPER AREA. Drive all the way down, it's the last building on the left and look for our studio47 signage. Park (there are plenty of spaces!) and enter through the glass door of the building, follow the hallway around the corner, and we are on your right.

What should I wear?

We want our clients to be comfortable and able to move, but you also want your instructor to be able to see your form and movements. We recommend wearing longer pants for ease of movement, dressing in layers as you will warm up and cool down throughout your sessions, and a comfortable top. Your clothes do not need to be tight, but please avoid baggy and bulky garments. Socks are required for all clients, at all times (we sell grippy socks at the studio if you forget yours). For men, if you choose to wear shorts, please wear compression shorts underneath.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself and your Pilates/Barre socks, signed waiver and water. We provide a private changing area if needed and cubbies and hooks for your personal belongings. Someone from our friendly staff will great you with a smile and give you a tour of the studio. We have bottled water available for $1 and we also have grippy socks available for purchase if you forget yours.

*Please do not bring any personal belongings - outside of clothing or water - into the actual studio. Read our studio policies here.

What should I expect from my first class?

Plan on showing up 5-10 minutes before class starts so you can fill out a waiver (if you didn’t print it out), get a quick tour, and get yourself settled. Your equipment will be waiting for you. Your instructor will guide you through a series of exercises and will provide modifications as needed. Take a deep breath, get yourself settled and prepare to focus on just YOU for the next hour or so— WELCOME!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical and mental fitness program developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Using proper body mechanics, controlled movements, pelvic stabilization, and coordinated breathing, Pilates focuses on flexibility and strength to create a balance in the body. By correcting posture, Pilates can strengthen your body against future injuries. Because Pilates focuses on the connection between the mind and body, it also offers meditative benefits - increased energy, improved concentration and better coordination.

Mat classes vs Equipment sessions: What’s the difference?

While Pilates mat classes (currently offered virtually due to Covid-19) and Pilates equipment sessions provide similar benefits, it is generally best to combine both in your Pilates practice. The trick to Pilates is creating resistance in your own body, you can accomplish this in Pilates using either a mat, where your own body weight creates resistance, or a reformer, where pulleys and springs create resistance for you. The Pilates equipment perfectly aligns your body while you’re working out and adds resistance to all of your exercises, while the Mat classes challenge you because you are responsible for maintaining the Pilates form and alignment on your own. And because Pilates is all about the quality of the movement over the quantity of reps, we find the most connections are made by combining both mat and equipment throughout your practice.

How often should I practice Pilates?

Like anything, consistency is key and at studio47 Pilates we say CONSISTENCY = RESULTS! Pilates should be practiced 2-3 times per week at least (but you are able to practice Pilates all week long). We recommend taking a variety of classes, including Equipment and Mat and working with a variety of instructors to find the best combination for you and your body.

Who should try Pilates?

Every age, gender and body type can and will benefit from Pilates. Pilates emphasizes form and alignment. The movements are performed precisely, in a smooth, slow, controlled way, and are coordinated with specific breathing patterns. The exercises work the muscles efficiently, so each movement is repeated only a few times. Pilates is also progressive and adaptable. Everyone starts out learning the basics - the movements, alignment, breathing, concentration, and flow - essential to Pilates. Then specific exercises are added according to individual needs, abilities and limitations.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is known for building strength using low-impact movements that are easy on the joints (but don’t get it twisted, you *will* be sore afterwards). The Pilates workout targets every muscle group, but it’s most well-known for building core strength — which will lead to better posture and alignment, better balance, and increased stability. Pilates also lengthens your muscles to improve your flexibility (if you haven’t been able to touch your toes for years, that’s about to change). In addition to strength, studio47 offers unique Pilates classes that emphasize cardio, like our signature CARDIO Reformer class, which utilizes a jumpboard to increase your heart rate. Whatever benefit you’re looking to get out of your workout, studio47 Pilates can help.

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