Virtual Pialtes

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Work out with studio47 wherever you are!

studio47 is excited to annouce our newest service: On-Line Classes On Demand! Join us for an online class, to get the same workout you get at our studio even if you can't be there. You are now able to access a variety of Pilates classes, taught by your very own instructors, wherever you are: at home, in your hotel room or on the go; with the same results you've been receiving at the studio. These videos can be viewed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Look for new classes being added frequently. In every online class, one instructor is showing you the modification, please follow this instructor if you are new to Pilates or need to modify. Remember to challenge yourself, but go at your own pace, just like at the studio!

*NEW* Foam Rolling

A 30 minute class that will take you through foam rolling release techniques and exercises. The class incorporates a full body ‘roll’ with exercises and stretches as well. You need a foam roller for this class.


*NEW* Arms & Abs II

A 30 minute arms and abs class that will sculpt your upper body and abdominals (with a little lower body thrown in)! An excellent addition after your cardio workout or on its own! You can use 1-5lb weights for this class.


Core Blast

Centered around the notion of physical and emotional balance, Restorative classes are perfect for students looking to alleviate stress and fatigue. Our restorative program includes all necessary equipment.


Interval Workout

A 30 minute class designed to combine Pilates muscle strengthening with cardio. Get your heart rate up while toning the entire body. One of our more advanced online classes.


Pilates Sculpt

A 30 minute class focused on sculpting your entire body. Target your arms, abdominals and lower body using 3lb weights. A great class designed to work the whole body.


Lower Body Blast

A 40 minute full lower body sculpting class focusing on glutes, thighs, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. Get ready to tone your legs and lift your buns!


Arms and Abs Blast

A 25 minute arms and abs blast class designed to target your upper body and your core. The perfect complement to your cardio sessions. You can either do this work out without weights or add 1-3lb weights to challenge yourself further.


Core 101

A 25 minute class for the entire body, work the core, upper and lower body while strengthening and lengthening all of your muscles. A mat or carpeted area is needed.


Standing Pilates at the Barre

A 25 minute standing Pilates workout designed to challenge your lower body and get your heart rate up. One of our more advanced online classes. You will need a barre or sturdy chair or counter top to hold on to.


Belly and Buns

Belly and Buns targets your abdominals, glutes, outer and inner thighs and hamstrings. This is a must-do class to keep you toned and trim at the waistline and gluteal areas. All levels welcome. Great for beginners!


Studio 47 Basics

A complimentary video reviewing a few basic Pilates fundamentals. Common Pilates exercises are demonstrated correctly and incorrectly so you are able to make sure your form is correct. Enjoy!