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Studio Policies

Frequently Asked Questions | Studio Policies

Every client must complete a release waiver and health history form prior to beginning a workout at the studio. If it is your first time, please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled session to fill out these forms.

Waiver of Liability (click to print PDF)

Health Issues

Please note it is very important that you let your instructor know of any health issues, concerns or complications before you begin your workout. Please feel free to email the office beforehand to let us know of any issues or concerns you have.

Sock Policy

Please note we require all clients to wear socks at all times while in both studios. We recommend socks with grips on the bottom.

Cancellation Policy

GROUP CLASSES: We have a 12-hour cancellation policy at the studio for all group mat, barre, stick, and reformer classes. If you cancel at least 12-hours in advance, you will not be charged, if you cancel less than 12-hours before your class or session, please note you are responsible for payment.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy at the studio for all private sessions. If you cancel less than 24-hours before your session please note you are responsible for payment.

Cell Phones

Please silent your cell phones upon entering the studios. If you need to keep your phone with you on your mat or on the equipment this is fine, but please no noise.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, please check our online schedule as all classes will be canceled online. Additionally, a studio wide email will go out and we will post cancellations to all social media venues. For private sessions please touch base with your instructor.

Instructor Substitution and Policy

In the event of instructor absence due to illness or any other reason, we try our best to notify clients in advance of the instructor update; however, please note we reserve the right to have instructors cover different classes at the last minute.


If you are added to the waitlist for a group class you will recieve an email if a spot has opened up for you. Please do not come to class, unless you have received an email informing you a space is available. Instructors are unable to add clients to any classes if the class if full.

Class Registrations

We highly recommend pre-registering for all group mat classes to reserve your space in the class. Clients are able to reserve their space in classes months in advance. If you choose to reserve a space in a class, you must have enough class credits in your account to hold your space for the class. Instructors are unable to reserve spaces for clients if they do not have enough class credits to hold their space.

Sanitizing Practices

In addition to having our studio professionally cleaned weekly, we are daily disinfecting the studio, all Pilates equipment and props used. We invite you to clean your mat prior to class if you choose, with wipes provided. We do ask that all clients wipe down their mats, equipment and Pilates props after class.

Top Mat Optional

We routinely have our mats professionally cleaned; however, you are welcome to bring your own top mat if you choose. Simply place your mat on top of one of the studio mats provided.

Class Cancellations

If for any reason the studio needs to cancel a class, you will be informed via email. While this is a rare occurrence, the studio reserves the right to cancel a class without notice, although we will try to always accommodate clients.

Refund Policy

studio47 Pilates is happy to refund your payment towards a different Pilates service that we offer, money will not be reimbursed.

Mat class cards are non-transferable

All packages and class cards are non-transferable to other clients.