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Frequently Asked Questions | Studio Policies

New clients always have a few questions about Pilates and our studios in the beginning. As always, please feel free to contact us via phone or email with specific questions. But, here are a few common questions answered to get you started. We look forward to working with you.

How do I get started?
Getting started is very simple! Firstly, if you are new to Pilates please check out our new client page specifically designed for you, under the INFO tab above. If you are looking to jump in to a group MAT class simply click on the BOOK A CLASS tab above and click the class you’d like to attend. If you are looking for an EQUIPMENT session please email us with your availability and we will set you up with an instructor.

What should I wear?
We want our clients to be comfortable and able to move, but you also want your instructor to be able to see your form and movements. We recommend wearing longer pants for ease of movement, dressing in layers as you will warm up and cool down throughout your sessions, and a comfortable top. Your clothes do not need to be tight, but please avoid baggy and bulky garments. Socks are required in both studios for all clients, at all times. For men, if you choose to wear shorts, please wear compression shorts underneath.

How often should I practice Pilates?
Like anything, consistency is key and at studio47 Pilates
we say CONSISTENCY = RESULTS! Pilates should be practiced 2-3 times per week at least (but you are able to practice Pilates all week long). We recommend taking a variety of classes, including Equipment and Mat and working with a variety of instructors to find the best combination for you and your body.

What do I need to bring?
We provide any mats and Pilates props you will need for your classes. You may bring a top mat if you choose. Water is available for $1.00 to group MAT clients and is complimentary for equipment clients and we have towel service, should you prefer to use a towel. You just need to bring yourself, focused and ready to get a great workout!

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a physical and mental fitness program developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Using proper body mechanics, controlled movements, pelvic stabilization, and coordinated breathing, Pilates focuses on flexibility and strength to create a balance in the body. By correcting posture, Pilates can strengthen your body against future injuries. Because Pilates focuses on the connection between the mind and body, it also offers meditative benefits - increased energy, improved concentration and better coordination.

Who will benefit from Pilates?
Every age, gender and body-type can and will benefit from Pilates. Pilates emphasizes form and alignment. The movements are performed precisely, in a smooth, slow, controlled way, and are coordinated with specific breathing patterns. The exercises work the muscles efficiently, so each movement is repeated only a few times. Pilates is also progressive and adaptable. Everyone starts out learning the basics - the movements, alignment, breathing, concentration, and flow - essential to Pilates. Then specific exercises are added according to individual needs, abilities and limitations.

Mat Classes vs. Equipment Sessions: What is the difference?
While Pilates mat classes and Pilates equipment sessions provide similar benefits, it is generally best to combine both in your Pilates practice. The trick to Pilates is creating resistance in your own body, you can accomplish this in Pilates using either a mat, where your own body weight creates resistance, or a reformer, where pulleys and springs create resistance for you. The Pilates equipment perfectly aligns your body while you’re working out and adds resistance to all of your exercises, while the Mat classes challenge you because you are responsible for maintaining the Pilates form and alignment on your own. And because Pilates is all about the quality of the movement over the quantity, we find the most connections are made by combining both mat and equipment throughout your practice.

Will I lose weight?
Pilates will absolutely help in your weight loss program. Pilates is famous for creating those long, lean muscles and a trimmer, firmer appearance. Pilates tones and shapes the body, while creating lean muscle mass to increase your calorie burning potential. Additionally, one of the best ways to look and feel thinner is having beautiful posture and Pilates creates a leaner look by emphasizing both length and good alignment. Engaging in an exercise program, like Pilates, promotes self-esteem and heightened lifestyle consciousness. Both are associated with weight loss. Remember diet and nutrition play a large part in weight loss, along with cardio (be sure to check out our classes that are guaranteed to get that heart rate up!)