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Mat Class Offerings

CORE47 - is a signature Barrington Pilates 55-minute mat class that focuses on building core strength from the inside out. Concentrating on proper form and Pilates technique, core training will improve your balance, muscle endurance and posture. Begin with an all over body rolling and release series on the foam roller, followed by core, lateral and prone work. CORE is a great complement to your reformer or mat class workouts. Appropriate for all skill levels.

STRENGTH - is a signature Barrington Pilates 55-minute standing class that will kick your workout up a notch. Using 3 lb handweights and resistance tools, this class focuses on upper body sculpting, the holding of positions and strength challenges while maintaining proper Pilates form and control. A must attend! Appropriate for all skill levels.

SPORT - is a 55-minute class that will challenge your inner athlete by adding rotation and balance work to standing Pilates exercises. This workout will have you performing lunges, plyometrics, jump backs, squats and upper body movements while maintaining your Pilates core structure. This is one of our more challenging classes and is guaranteed to make you sweat!

Pilates SCULPT - is a 55-minute class that will take you through an upper body series using 3 lb weights, lower body standing exercises and full core workout. The class will end with 15 minutes of rolling and release techniques. Appropriate for all skill levels.

BELLY, BUNS, BURNS MAT is a 55-minute class that targets your lower body, abdominals, glutes, thighs and hamstrings. Focusing on form and technique, the pace is slower but the effectiveness is maximized! All levels welcome. Great for beginners!

MORA’S MONDAY MIX is a 55-minute class that will STRENGTHEN- LENGTHEN-TONE with a surprise mix of Pilates props and exercises. All levels welcome!

Pilates STICK is a 55-minute small group equipment class that will take your traditional mat exercises to the next level. This amazing body sculpting system will bring reformer and tower exercises to a small group environment while challenging your balance, strength and coordination. All levels are welcome. Class size limited to 8 participants. FOCUS: Tuesday 9:15 am and 4:30 pm- CORE and FOAM ROLLER Thursday 9:30 am- ARMS and ABS